The Last Dragon of the North.


Almost 20 years my sister and I wrote our first novel.  We wrote it together, hoping to pool our unique skills, with the idea of writing a novel that depicted dragons are real.  Our dragons would be fierce, nocturnal predators – more dangerous than a Tyrannosaurus Rex – with the ability to swoop down on their unsuspecting prey.  Our goal was to write the “Jurassic Park” of dragon novels.

It took us almost two years to complete our project.  After that, we collected rejection slips by the dozens.  Finally, we put the manuscript away in a drawer and the years passed…

Last year, we dusted it off and did a very thorough self-edit, using all the years of writing skills we had learned.  We submitted it to Double Dragon Publishing and now our novel is born.  Our characters can now come alive in the minds of our readers.  Our dragons can at last fly the darkened skies on their great, leathery wings and terrify both man and beast with their vicious roar.

And the brave men and women,  young though they be and yet brave beyond their years and trained by their forefathers in the skills needed to bring down one of the deadly beasts.  Of course, the greatest skill is to survive the battle themselves…

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